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Tyrannosaurus Rex STEAM 1303001921

Tyrannosaurus Rex STEAM 1303001921

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6 years old and up
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Product Description

Tyrannosaurus Rex STEAM Toy 1303001921

DISCOVERY Toy Tyrannosaurus Rex 1303001921 T-rex - 1303001921 of the DISCOVERY #MINDBLOWN brand with the ability to move like a real thing. Dinosaurs have skin that is designed in detail down to each extremely vivid pattern and scale.

With each majestic step, the dinosaur would roar powerfully, and its mouth moved with the roar. Children will be able to control this fierce tyrannosaur to move forward and backward. With each joint moving realistically, your baby will feel the strength in each movement of the T-rex.

The product has the following outstanding features:

• The Tyrannosaurus Rex robot has the right size to help children easily observe.

• The design of the tyrant dinosaur is sophisticated down to each horn scale.

• Moreover, the robot can also control the dragon to move and roar according to the baby's wishes, full of life.

• The product is manufactured with advanced technology, using high quality materials and durable, beautiful paint colors, sturdy, and absolutely safe for children's health.

Tyrannosaurus Rex 1303001921 product set includes:

• 01 robot Tyrannosaurus rex

• 01 remote control

Some details about the toy brand:

Science toys from the DISCOVERY brand cooperate with the famous TV channel DISCOVERY, giving children practical applied science and archeology experiences while learning and playing. Toy products from the DISCOVERY #MINDBLOWN brand are produced based on the actual exploration and archaeological experience of the American DISCOVERY television channel. Therefore, the archaeological toy products of the DISCOVERY #MINDBLOWN brand have the same color and shape as the real products. - The product is made from safe materials, does not contain toxic substances. Rounded edges with smooth surface create safety and do not harm children when playing.